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Motive is a 21st century ad agency operating at the center and speed of culture, working with partners that are looking for innovative ways, not bound by history or tradition, to build loyal connections with consumers and move the needle. Focused on big ideas and campaign platforms that create differentiation for brands, Motive’s sweet spot lies at the intersection of tactics that create deep consumer engagement, whether they are digital campaigns, mobile tours, digital content, consumer promotions, television spots, documentaries, or Super Bowl events.

The agency’s motor is a team purposefully plucked from an eclectic array of backgrounds, providing strategic and executional expertise across every vertical. The people at Motive are unique individuals who love what they do and go to work ready to thrive each and every day.

It all comes down to this: Motive is ready when you are to conquer big ideas and cool shit.


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Say It With Pepsi: Pepsimojis

Five-second snackable stories with the pop of Pepsi

In today’s hyper-connected society, consumer attention spans have shortened by multitudes. People crave micro-bursts of entertainment that can satisfy them in seconds. So, how does a brand like Pepsi capture the attention of its target, knowing the window is smaller than ever?

The solution: a campaign designed to leverage and expand upon the most culturally relevant form of communication today – emojis.

In summer 2016, Pepsi released limited edition packaging emblazoned with quirky, fun, and expressive “Pepsimojis.” Motive created a total of 51 five-second Pepsimoji spots custom-tailored to various media channels and programming genres. The spots covered a broad spectrum of popular references — food, music, travel, sports and more. The agency even tackled topical territory like the LGBTQ community, the summer games in Brazil, and the celebrity world. Oh, and to top it off with something truly buzzworthy, Motive created a homage to Pepsi’s iconic 1992 commercial starring—who else? —an emoji-fied Cindy Crawford.

The campaign caught fire among advertising publications, reputed news outlets, and even the world’s biggest gossip sites. Jimmy Kimmel’s lovable sidekick, Guillermo, even emoji-fied himself for a cameo in the Cindy Crawford spot. The Pepsimoji campaign delivered dozens of spots, earned countless media impressions, and — most importantly — gave Pepsi an opportunity to evolve its place in pop culture: refreshing the masses and celebrating life’s moments of joy along the way.


DEW x NBA Courtside HQ

DEW, hoops and culture take center stage at NBA All-Star

To launch The Courtside Project — a campaign focused on self-expression between Mountain Dew, NBA players, cultural creators, and fans — Mountain Dew tapped Motive to create a one-of-a-kind All-Star Weekend experience called Courtside HQ.

Visiting fans stepped through an angular neon cavern into a space that transformed classic New Orleans architecture with DEW infusion. The space offered several interactive opportunities: a musical art gallery featuring mix board-infused paintings for live beat making, an apparel customization station, and a photo studio by The Madbury Club where fans could step in front of the camera, get snapped, and print a custom poster on the spot. Outside, DEW created a hangout lounge with sampling and larger-than-life NBA2K gaming.

But all of this was just the beginning. Dozens of NBA stars and legends dropped by to interact with the space and even serve as impromptu DJs. Apparel icon Don C joined a session on style with Los Angeles Lakers guard Nick Young. Courtside HQ hosted live viewing parties of All-Star Saturday Night and Sunday’s NBA All-Star game. And if all that wasn’t enough, Motive brought in Joey Badass for an exclusive concert in which he debuted a brand-new track written for The Courtside Project. Cameras rolled, and the space became a backdrop for the track’s music video.

Courtside HQ was one of NBA All-Star Weekend’s most talked-about experiences, with stacked press coverage and hundreds of millions of impressions. Even more important, Courtside HQ delivered an opportunity for fans to drive the off-court narrative of the season, and charge the game with the only brand that could take them courtside: Mountain Dew.


Highland Park Whisky: The Valhalla Cabin

A social influencer campaign inspired by our Viking Soul

In 2017, Highland Park — a world-class single malt on a mission to make its mark among American whisky drinkers — began a U.S. invasion inspired by the ancient Vikings who originally colonized its distillery’s home, the northern Scottish archipelago of Orkney.

Highland Park’s goal: inspire drinkers across the nation to embrace and liberate their Viking souls. So, to launch the campaign, Motive brought in two adventurous individuals — builder Jacob Witzling and photographer Christopher Kerksieck — and tasked them with dreaming up a project that would unleash their own Viking spirits. Their solution: The Valhalla Cabin.

Over a multi-month period, Jacob and Christopher hand-built a striking one-of-a-kind structure in the remote forest of Washington’s Olympic Peninsula, capturing every step of their journey to tell a powerful story. Then, Highland Park and Motive unveiled that story via a digital microsite, encouraging consumers to follow along. But the voyeurism of Highland Park’s fans was just the beginning.

Alongside the build, Motive launched an Instagram-based promotion asking Highland Park’s fans to show how they lived with a Viking soul. The grand prize? A week’s stay at the Valhalla Cabin. After receiving hundreds of submissions, Highland Park narrowed the pool to five finalists and gave the community the reins to pick the winner.

The program garnered thousands of impressions by way of the Valhalla Cabin and Highland Park saw its social following grow exponentially. Along the way, Highland Park uncovered a powerful vehicle in sharing its own incredible history while inspiring a new generation of modern Vikings to create their own.


Budweiser’s Not So Secret Summer Music Bash

Reminding craft brew fans in Denver who the real king is

In summer 2016, Budweiser, America’s biggest brewery, wanted to make an impact in a city known around the world for its love of, well, small breweries. Embracing Denver’s other love, music, Motive set out to create an iconic music festival — and kept the whole thing a secret right up until show time.

The team let the word out by spreading rumors at over 100 locations throughout the city of an as-yet-unreleased lineup of all-American awesome. They went on-air and online, using top radio stations, local media publications, social channels, and even TV to get the city excited about a date, time, and location that were all still a mystery. They put invites into the hands of more than 30,000 Denverites, enlisted the social followings of dozens of food trucks, used bands in town to fuel the flames, and even got Uber in on the fun.

When the big day arrived, Motive unveiled the venue: a not-so-secret festival ground smack-dab in the middle of downtown Denver, with multiple stages, a sea of hammocks, and plenty of ice-cold Bud. Artists announced themselves mere hours before show time, driving thousands to the venue. When the gates opened, Denver’s top acts tore the roof off, keeping the pace before national headliner Shakey Graves took the stage.

During the course of seven hours, 12,000 Denverites held their red cans high in salute of America and their new favorite brewery – Budweiser.



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Matt Statman

Founder & CEO

When Matt Statman started Motive 20 years ago, his goal wasn’t to become just another ad agency. He didn’t see the wisdom in building something that would add marginal value to a flawed system of ad creation. He set out to build a haven where people like him would want to hang out. A place where renegade minds could explore the most cutting-edge iterations of creativity and express them in every conceivable manner. Statman has cultivated a vision that has attracted the most audacious doers, makers, and thinkers to Motive and their ideas have come to life in an egoless, soulful environment. Today, Motive has become a creative collective that is in a constant state of evolution and reinvention. Clients and creatives are collaborating, co-creating, and curating ideas that fit seamlessly into culture and drive outsized results for brands who want to breakthrough. Motive calls this “cultural epoxy” as its ideas live seamlessly in the center of culture and connect those who are passionate participants in that culture.

The success of Statman’s vision has led to tremendous and consistent growth for Motive across North America, with offices in Denver, its original home, New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, and Toronto. Leading-edge marketers such as PepsiCo, Frito-Lay, Constellation, Danone, Burger King, and Ram Trucks have relied on and continue to look to Motive to help them achieve cultural resonance and forge durable connections with consumers.



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