We are an independent, global network of wholly owned creative agencies. With 2,200+ people in 52 offices, Project’s agencies make things that inspire people to participate and act on behalf of our clients’ brands.

We are born from experiential. Back in 2010, George P. Johnson was the leading experiential marketing company in the world. Robert G. Vallee, Jr. had the idea of creating a holding company that could deliver a deeper level of consumer engagement across the entire marketing spectrum. Project Worldwide was formed with the intention to invest in agencies that could deliver more engaging brand stories. Whether that means producing the largest technology conferences, immersing audiences in fantastic worlds of light and color, or helping brands pave the way in the digital era, Project’s agencies make things that inspire people to participate and act on behalf of our clients’ brands.

With 2,200+ people in 52 offices, our 13 agencies are ready and able to help marketers clear any hurdle with a deep bench of expertise spanning advertising, branding, design, ecommerce, event production and fabrication, shopper marketing, talent booking, PR, and social media.

We are Project, an independent network in service of creativity.

Agency People

At Project, each person unique in background – ability, age, gender, orientation, race, religion, and status – is an essential thread in the fabric of our community. This mindset is woven into our culture, day-to-day practice, and the service we provide. Inclusion enables growth. Diversity fuels innovation. Individuals shine and teams radiate. Every person, project, and product is elevated. This is our philosophy and pledge: to create an all-embracing circle of diverse backgrounds, open-minded people and unique perspectives from which extraordinary growth and innovation can emerge.









We work with global leaders across every business sector.

Project Leadership

Agency Leadership

Sharon Napier

Partners + Napier
Chair + Founder

Sharon Napier is Founder & Chair of national integrated creative company Partners + Napier, twice ranked among the Top 20 Most Effective Agencies in North America by Effie Worldwide. Napier also sits on the Global Strategic Leadership Team of Project Worldwide, a privately held creative holding company.

Honored by ​Ad Age ​as one of the 100 Most Influential Women in Advertising, Napier has earned her reputation as a trusted voice in our constantly changing creative industry. She has been twice featured in ​The New York Times’ ​Corner Office column​, ​and appeared in ​The Wall Street Journal, Ad Age, Adweek, Forbes,​ and many more. Napier was a featured speaker at the 4A’s Transformation Conference, Mirren CEO Executive Summit, multiple Advertising Week events, and served as the keynote speaker at ​Ad Age’s ​inaugural Small Agency Conference.

At Partners + Napier, Napier oversees all executive leadership with a focus on company growth including strategic capabilities and acquisitions, enriching the agency’s client relationships, providing top-to-top counsel, and championing a diverse and inclusive culture. Her guiding mantra that ​business is personal​ has fostered teams built on empathy, trust, collaboration, hustle, and shoulder-to-shoulder client partnership, earning client tenure 3X the industry average and employee turnover less than half of the industry average. The agency serves a range of clients across multiple industries, from cutting-edge start-ups to established national and global brands, including six Fortune 1000 companies.

Beyond Partners + Napier, Napier is active in numerous organizations aligning with the agency’s verticals of expertise and her personal passions. She serves as co-Vice Chair of the 4A’s, is a member of the Board of Trustees at the Rochester Institute of Technology, and is co-Vice President of the Memorial Art Gallery Board of Managers in Rochester, NY. She is also a member of the Culinary Institute of America’s Society of Fellows.

Napier has garnered numerous accolades including ​Trailblazer Working Mother of the Year​ from She Runs It, the prestigious ATHENA Award, and ​Outstanding Alumna of the Year ​from the Rochester Institute of Technology.


Matt Statman

Founder & CEO

When Matt Statman started Motive 20 years ago, his goal wasn’t to become just another ad agency. He didn’t see the wisdom in building something that would add marginal value to a flawed system of ad creation. He set out to build a haven where people like him would want to hang out. A place where renegade minds could explore the most cutting-edge iterations of creativity and express them in every conceivable manner. Statman has cultivated a vision that has attracted the most audacious doers, makers, and thinkers to Motive and their ideas have come to life in an egoless, soulful environment. Today, Motive has become a creative collective that is in a constant state of evolution and reinvention. Clients and creatives are collaborating, co-creating, and curating ideas that fit seamlessly into culture and drive outsized results for brands who want to breakthrough. Motive calls this “cultural epoxy” as its ideas live seamlessly in the center of culture and connect those who are passionate participants in that culture.

The success of Statman’s vision has led to tremendous and consistent growth for Motive across North America, with offices in Denver, its original home, New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, and Toronto. Leading-edge marketers such as PepsiCo, Frito-Lay, Constellation, Danone, Burger King, and Ram Trucks have relied on and continue to look to Motive to help them achieve cultural resonance and forge durable connections with consumers.