Megan Kuhlenschmidt

Megan Kuhlenschmidt brings over a decade of experience nurturing relationships and producing brand-focused activations to her role at OS Studios, where she oversees the agency’s accounts and projects.

Prior to OS, Megan worked in the music industry handling artist relations and live events at Yamaha Entertainment Group, a Nashville-based division of Yamaha which focused entirely on building the global instrument manufacturer’s brand through strategic relationships, leveraged product placements, and experiential events via high caliber artists such as Elton John, Alicia Keys and John Legend. It was in that office that she realized her ever-growing passion for building brand experiences, which ultimately led her to move to NYC in order to cast a wider net and create unforgettable moments across all realms of production as a freelance producer. Whether producing a rock concert or a corporate conference, building out a team or a new workflow, Megan brings her passion for people & processes to everything she does at OS.

Megan’s Favourite Game: Among Us