Robert G. Vallee Jr.

After 34 years of working for the George P. Johnson Company, and 20 years leading the organization, Robert was the vision behind the formation of Project in October 2010. He graduated from DePauw University in 1976, and his early career was focused on production and client services before moving into various management roles.

Robert has focused his leadership on developing the global agency network dedicated to engagement marketing. He oversees Project’s 15 award-winning agencies and all aspects of the network’s 43 offices and 2,200+ employees globally.

Born and raised in Detroit, Robert’s distinguished career has many highlights including the opening of George P. Johnson’s renowned Los Angeles office in 1985, which quickly blossomed when clients Toyota, Nissan, and Honda all added luxury divisions, evolving GPJ into the leading experiential marketing agency in the world. Global growth was furthered when in 1998 George P. Johnson won agency of record for all IBM customer-facing events globally. Several acquisitions and joint ventures in Europe and Asia followed setting up the framework for today’s network of agencies.

He is a supporter of numerous charities, including a role as trustee in his local hospital.