Shea Clayton

Shea’s career is a testament to his life-long obsession with making cool stuff. From unassuming beginnings in the Special Effects creature shops of LA to recent cutting-edge digital engagements for the world’s most exciting brands, Shea’s projects have consistently teetered on the edge of impossible. Combine an expert-level knowledge of today’s emerging digital technologies with the untethered excitement of a 14-year-old kid in a garage full of dangerous tools and you’ll have a sense of the possibilities Shea sees when approaching new professional challenges. Shea serves as Chief Innovation Offier at Spinifex Group where he leads the creation of Interactives for Tesla, Toyota and Nissan. As director of creative strategy for Total Immersion, an international augmented reality company, Shea’s work for clients including Google, Intel, Disney and Sony resulted in award-winning campaigns and unfailing client satisfaction. Shea has also produced multiple interactive digital experiences for clients in the healthcare and military realm. With a diverse background in production, project management, product management, and more, his experience runs the gamut including Digital Strategy, Marketing, Software Development, CMS Integration, Media Production, Client Services and Event Management. Shea holds a Bachelors of Science degree in Communication from Emerson College, Boston, MA, and a Project Management PMP designation from the Project Management Institute (PMI).