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September 23, 2016

Catch Up on the Creative Ad Agencies in Boulder

Boulder is known for many things: great food, boutiques and a scenic atmosphere, to name a few. Between CU and the weekend day trip appeal, the town is certainly thriving. But there’s one industry lately that’s really been given a boost: creative advertising agencies.

Within the last 3-5 years over seven agencies have opened in Boulder. CEO of School, Max Lenderman, attributes the boom to the active and collaborative lifestyle that Boulder residents lead: “I think culture is catching up to Boulder in terms of creating products that are better for you and brands that are better for the world. A lot of social entrepreneurialism happens here and so the work kind of follows, and the creative follows culture with more purposeful brands.”

We caught up with a few of the companies to see what brought them to Denver’s neighboring town, and how their creative goals fit the culture of their city limits.

VICTORS AND SPOILS: Open since 2009, Victors and Spoils takes pride in innovative and creative thinking. According to Sesh Moodley, the executive creative director, Boulder inspires the team to come up with unique concepts and help other businesses: “I think Boulder has always had this rich history of creativity. A lot of small businesses come to us to help build their brand and, in many ways, we are part of that history … It’s all about bringing your individuality. It helps with the way you look at the world and makes you hugely valuable.”

GRENADIER: Focused on producing a diverse body of creative work, Grenadier’s partner managing director Jeff Graham says it’s the design community that has really inspired this 4 year old agency: “There’s a real ‘the rising tide lifts all boats’ vibe amongst Boulder agencies relative to other markets I’ve worked in. The agencies here are all genuinely rooting for one another: we send great job candidates to each other, we refer prospective clients to one another and after work we like hanging out with each other.”

The company also likes to remain flexible with its clients, something Graham says not everyone can do: “Grenadier stays small and focused—but when our clients need it, we can tap into a breadth and depth of capabilities that most small creative shops could only dream of having access to.”

ANTHEM BRANDING: Anthem Branding creates impact through design. Open for ten years now, they set themselves apart from other agencies because of the high-level design component they are able to bring to clients. Creative director Michael Benjamin credits Boulder with being the ideal spot because of the thriving business arena: “Boulder is the perfect place to have an impact on the community and provide a unique service because of all the small businesses that are growing. We’ve gotten to grow with these other businesses and really support them.”

Here’s the other creative agencies that are thinking outside of the box:
Match Marketing
Plus Productions
Sterling-Rice Group
Supply Interactive

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