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June 14, 2014

George P. Johnson Celebrates 100th Anniversary

George P. Johnson (GPJ), one of the world’s leading experiential marketing agencies and flagship agency of the Project network, today celebrates 100 years in business.

Flag Day, June 14, was chosen for the centennial celebration to commemorate the company’s history of making large-scale U.S. flags for various ceremonies over the years. The agency, which got its start as a sail-maker in Michigan in 1914, grew into the leading automotive industry-marketing firm with the advent of auto shows early in the 20th century. Late in the century, GPJ added considerable creative, branding, and strategy expertise, and succeeded in winning several technology accounts, fueling expansion. Today, GPJ serves the automotive, high tech, financial services, sports, entertainment, packaged goods, and apparel verticals via a network of 29 offices worldwide.

“Our founder, George P. Johnson, established a legacy of creativity and innovation that can be felt in the agency everyday,” says Chris Meyer, CEO of GPJ. “That, coupled with our relentless focus on creating experiences that connect with hearts and minds, means we’ve built trusted client relationships that last for decades. If we continue to commit to this blend of innovation and client service, our future will be filled with remarkable client success stories.”

GPJ President, Denise Wong is similarly focused on the future of the agency, “In the last 100 years, GPJ has evolved to not only define and then remake the auto show, but push into many other verticals as well. Now, as more and more marketers shift their budgets towards engagement over awareness, the future is data-driven experiential marketing across all media channels; and GPJ is uniquely positioned to deliver that for our clients all over the world.”

The worldwide festivities kicked-off at the Auburn Hills Global Headquarters, where a 160-by-90-foot flag was raised by crane, followed by a toast with employees past and present.