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February 12, 2014

GPJ named iF Award Winner for Nissan Motor Show Experience

Out of 1,000 entries from over 30 countries, Project agency, George P. Johnson has taken home the iF Award for Communications Design, Corporate Architecture with its Nissan Global Kit. The design was inspired by Nissan’s brand message, “Innovation that Excites.” GPJ pushed this message across the physical, digital and sensory experiences.

One striking feature is the design’s ceiling, inspired by the slipstream effect created by Nissan’s GTR during testing. The “HALO,” as its aptly nicknamed, appears to be floating over the booth, neither anchored nor hanging from the ceiling, but architecturally tried and tested for a new cantilevered sculpture. Upon approach to the booth, Nissan and GPJ took the attendee through an individualized sensory and digital experience, developing a signature scent and soundtrack, as well as pioneering an approach we’re calling “digital landscaping.” With the help of RFID technology, attendees used their own devices to interact with an Innovation Wall, a multimedia screen along the length of the booth that explored Nissan’s heritage and legacy in innovation. As they approached the cars, attendees could use their devices to interact with content on their own terms.

By taking the concept of innovation and approaching it from a human perspective, GPJ was able to create an accessible and stunning design that was capable of telling the Nissan story in any country in the world.