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September 6, 2016

These Blunt ‘Labels’ Still Mean You’re a Voter

The Outdoor Advertising Association of America is trying to boost voter registration with a billboard campaign that uses blunt “labels,” that could be considered negative, to emphasize that every vote matters, no matter what your views.

The campaign, which will include a Times Square takeover,features combinations of name-tape style labels with words such as “gun-loving, fascism-hating, immigrant voter,” “vegan, tree-hugging activitist” and “idealist, activist, grandma voter” with the message that only one label counts, that of “Voter.” It directs viewers to the website where they can access their state’s voter registration pages. There, an interactive label generator allows visitors to choose their own labels, showcasing what they believe, and share them on social media.

The campaign, created by Rochester-based Partners & Napier, will cover Times Square, supported with OOH ads covering billboards, bus shelters, subway cars and more throughout New York City. Ads will then launch in key markets throughout the fall, including cities hosting presidential debates.

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